Monday 14 July 2014

Money Saving Monday #2 - Products with many uses!

Enjoy getting the most out of a product? Me too! As I have been more and more conscious on what I am spending I have found some products which can be used for other uses! Here are my top 5:

Red Lip Stick
I am a lover of a red lip and have many red lipsticks, but did you know they are also great for cleaning up silver. Just put some lipstick on a tissue and give your sliver a little scrub! And hey presto clean Jewellery!

Lip Balm
Keeping in with the lip product theme I use lip balm (preferably one in a tub) to rub on my heels and toes to stop new shoes pinching or rubbing. This is something I always have in my handbag too so quick and easy on the go!

Floristry Ribbon
OK, so this one may not be in everyone houses, I trained as a florist for a short while before realising some flowers give me headaches! However I do still enjoy making arrangements when I have the time! But Floristry ribbon is as cheap as chips, Pick up a couple of rolls and you can use it to wrap gifts, prizes for raffles and even for kids crafts. You can choose how wide you want it just by ripping down the middle and it's really strong!

Magazines/Newspapers and old maps
As a crafter once you have read your favourite mag why not put it in your craft stash, either to use as background paper, to cut out embellishments or why not just keep your surfaces safe from the mess you're about to create! Maps also look great as wrapping paper, as does some left over wallpapers, then stick some of that floristry ribbon on top!

Once you have finished with that little piece of lemon in your drink why not blitz it up with some water (or white vinegar if something is really dirty!). Lemon juice is great as a cleaner, and this does not waste the rind either! You can even get out some of that newspaper you've saved and your glass will shine!

Hannah x 


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