Monday, 11 August 2014

Money Saving Monday! - A recent shopping trip 95% Saving

A couple of weeks ago I went on a coupon shop and never had time to write a post on it but the day has come, unfortunately I also didn't get around to taking some pictures before eating everything so a collage will have to do, Sorry!

The first shop I went to was Pets At Home, I had a coupon for £1 off cat food which was soon to expire so I picked up some treats by Wagg, these treats are soft crunchy treats (if that makes sense?). One of my cats has very little teeth so this is perfect for her! They were £1 which means they were completely free!

I then went to Tesco, I picked up the Innocent Veg Pot which Was half price to £1.95 and I had a £2 off coupon. I also brought a two bags of gluten free bagels which were £2.30 but I had a £1 coupon for each from the Free From Show! I also had a £2.11 price promise.

My Price Break Down:

  • Wagg Prrr's Treats - Free
  • Inncocent Veg Pot - 5p overage
  • Udis Gluten Free Bagels x 2 - 2.60 
  • Tesco £2.11Price Promise
Total for shopping after coupons: 44p

That means I got a retail price of £9.50 for 44p after coupons and offers that is a 95% saving!

Hannah x


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