Sunday 13 April 2014

How do they do it?

It is a complete mystery to me how Ebay sellers in Hong Kong, China etc. offer products so cheap. I know they ship them straight from the factory but even with shipping these items were 99p each!  (The animal post-its were 4 for 99p). As an online retailer myself it really does amazing me considering how much we pay to ship products in the UK! surely that doesn't cover the costs of the fuel!

Either way why not take advantage of these great deals, particularly when you can collect nectar points too!

I'm not going to tell you everything you buy will be amazing quality but what would you expect really?

I have not yet been brave enough to buy clothes from these sellers but I have brought many stationary and other household items, most of which I've been very pleased with.

Today I wanted to share the post-it notes I purchased for my filofax, after looking for hours in shops I have always thought post it notes were overpriced, I don't like to pay much for paper I write on and throw away, so I gave ebay a shot and this is what I got.

Some of these sticky notes are slightly smaller than I imagined but that is not an issue, the main thing is they stick! I have brought many sticky notes in places such as pound shops and they don't stick to the paper you want them too!

What kind of things do you like to buy on ebay?

Hannah x

Excel centre craft fair

Last week I went to the craft fair in the Excel centre in london, this was a very daunting prospect for me due to suffering anxiety but when my grandparents invited me I could not pass up the opportunity and I had a fantastic day!

I met so many crafters and jewellery makers like myself and I found the whole thing so inspiring, and of course you cannot go to a craft fair without buying some new crafty things!

A few of the stall holders didn't give me a card so I can't tell you where I got them and even worse I can't repurchase any of these items!

I first brought a large collection of items from Art of Crafts. This included two packets of card candi, a flower die set to use with my cuttlebug, these georgeous owl stamps and then I found the bargain bins! And I couldn't resist, I found a couple of embossing folders, one with stars and one with squares. Then I found a Joanna sheen stamp which I forgot to photo before mounting but it features two boys at the seaside and other small seaside based stamps. 

These are actually nail pens, but these cannot just be used on your nails, they are also marketed to be used on glass, wood, ceramics, stone and fabrics (that you aren't washing). A sucker for a gimmick I brought myself a set and they are the best nail pens I've used the nip deposits the polish even and clearly and can create some quite intricate designs 

Then I was sucked in by the ribbon devil and brought six strips of ribbon for £5 these are lovely quality and are from crafty I think you'd agree some of the designs are quite unique.

The crafty beggars stall was run by Debbie Moore's sister and as a result all the Debbie Moore CD's were half price, I don't tend to use CD's in my crafting but this Christmas set was £4 and included papers, stamps and toppers as well as the CD and for that price I couldn't turn it down! Even if don't use the CD the pack was good value.

Hannah x