Monday 7 July 2014

Money Saving Monday #1 - Samples and Coupons

It is fair to say that I love a bargain, freebie, sample, coupon, loyalty card or anything were I can get something for less, try before I buy or getting the most out of my money. As we all try to save money here and there I thought I would start a series of small money saving tips and deals I have found! Hence Money Saving Monday! This week I will start with my views and tips on samples and coupons.

Many manufactures give out samples on their websites or on Facebook or through other companies. My biggest tip is don't become a sample hoarder. If you have never had a dishwasher why apply for dishwasher tablet samples? If it is not something you will use or something someone you know will appreciate don't apply for one, otherwise people who do what to try these products will not be able to get their hands on them!

I find most of my samples through Facebook, from online shopping/Tesco groceries online or googling for a product I am interested in to see if they are freely giving away samples. I know many people contact companies for samples but I do not tend to do this. I also would recommend supersavvyme, they give away many samples and useful ones at that!

Here is a quick look at the samples I have received recently, as you see they are all on the same vain as these are products I am interested and potentially would buy!

Coupons are great! Yes my family think it's funny but I don't mind, I enjoy using coupons. My first bit of advice is don't watch Extreme couponing and think 'yeah! Everything is gonna be free' This just does not work in the UK and those who do manage this are more than likely buying things they really don't want/need which is again a waste!

Watch out though, sometimes the non brand item still may be cheaper even with a coupon, just look when you think you are savvy shopping! I tend to use coupons combined with a deal or to get speciality items also to try branded products. Or if the coupon makes the price comparable to the own brand equivalent I'll give the product a go.

For example this week I brought 2 John West Infusions pots in Sainsbury's they were on offer from £1.50 down to £1 and I had two 50p off coupons. This meant I got flavoured Tuna for 50p a pot, a really good deal! (These were done on two separate days, if there is a product and I got my boyfriend to print the second coupon!).

As I am gluten free I do not take advantage of as many coupons as others could. However I do get some great deals.

Where I find coupons: 99% of my coupons are found online either through google, emails or Facebook, I have also received some in the past from companies when I have been dissatisfied by a product, but only contact companies if you have a real complaint or issue. I also received some in the post and recently from going to to a free from show!

I would also recommend cash back websites and apps! But I will talk about these more later. 

How do you save money?

Hananh x

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