Friday 28 February 2014

My Filofax is my Therapist...

Ok, I know technically a Filofax will not 'cure' my anxiety and panic attacks (and sometimes even I don't know what I'm panicking over!). But it certainly does help.

I have owned a personal sized Filofax for three years, but recently it had not been working for me because the rings were too small and it was just overall WAY too small. So I was shopping around and found the A5 Malden on the Filofax website, Im not going to lie, this is a very pricey planner. but I was lucky enough to be gifted this one by my parents for my 19th.

My Filofax is used for all aspects of my life and this includes the work I do for the family businesses, the work I do for HannahMade, as well as my personal life. I also store coupons and vouchers as well as my finances and birthdays etc.

I will be giving a more in depth overview of the sections in my filofax but for now I am just going to show you the basic things I do in my planner.

Birthdays are very important to me, and where I make cards I need to make sure I remember to make the cards in advance.

Where I have not had my planner that long I have 'up cycled' the sheets that were provided but this doesn't mean I will not be 'Hannahising' my planner and using the address sheets to view Birthdays a month in advance is only temporary until I get chance to type this up, (this weekend hopefully).

Either way I have one of the dividers for birthday's where I can see all the Birthdays I need to cater to in the next month or even two if I need to.

On the day on the Birthday I write that persons name on the top of the day with a little sweetie sticker. This just reminds me and allows me to remember when I need to send their card and gift.

I have not got an image for this because this isn't just my finances but my boyfriends too. James and I are very open with what we earn, of course we know what I earn much more because I am on a set salary with bonus income from my jewellery. But where James is a uni student he only works part time so we like to track what we have and where we spend.

Other Dividers
I also have sections for HannahMade, Blogger, diet, groups I'm in the committees of. These will be shown more in depth when I've got it just right!

What My Week Looks Like
As you can see I am using a week per page which came with the planner. I'm not sure if this is the layout I would pick but because I came with the planner I will not waste it!

I have the today ruler book marking this this week isn't very full as my normal weeks are but its not as empty as some weeks. Purple is usually used to write down personal things like meeting friends for coffee, yellow is used to see when James is working, grey is meetings for my groups and pink is HannahMade.

The post-its are used for different topics, this week I have a post-it of what I need to complete this week for one of the family businesses and the other has repairs for people's jewellery. I also post-it shopping lists, other work schedules among many other things I want to do/complete this week.

Post-it notes - I use these for everything, absolutely everything. I don't think I could compute without a Post-it here is just a small collection I use.

Pens - I use a bic crystal fine ball point for note taking and writing birthdays. But when I'm in the mood for a bit of colour I always use Staedtler triples fine liner.

What type of planner do use? Do you even use one or think they are useless?

Hannah x

                                                     P.s. Sorry for the change in lighting

Sunday 16 February 2014

Birthday Gifts

Hi guys!
I haven't posted in over a week (whoops!), so I thought it's my Birthday so why not do a quick picture post of what I got!

I will be doing posts on a number of these products as well as a Filofax series because I got a new one! (excitement cannot be contained!)

I had a great weekend, surrounded by my friends, boyfriend and family and as usual I was completely spoilt beyond belief! 

Hope you all had a good weekend too 

Hannah x