Thursday 15 May 2014

Saving Money shopping - 85% saving

I have a new love in my life... Coupons! I have been hunting them down and looking for the best deals. There is no way I could large shops with tons of them, it would take way too long, but picking the bits up little by little I have made some successful savings. BUT remember its not a saving if it is not something you would not normally use!

Yesterday I went to Sainsburys to pick up a couple bits so here is a break down of what I got and Prices:
  • John West Steam Pot - £2.69
  • Shape peach and passionfruit yoghurts x2 - £1.50 each 
Total cost - £5.69

Of course I had a few coupons for this and there was some offers too, so these were what I had for savings:
  • Sainsburys Brand match from previous shop - £1.32
  • Sainsburys Brand match from previous shop - £1.00
  • coupon £1 off any two shape yoghurts - £1.00
  • Coupon £1 off any steam pot - £1.00
  • Two for £2 on shape yoghurts - £0.50
Total of coupons/savings - £4.82

This meant that I got £5.69 worth of goods for a mear 87p! That 9p an item. As you will know I can't eat couscous but this was brought for my dad to try and from the machine I got another 50p steam pots and double nectar points on fuel, which is handy because I need to fill up! 

Why not give it a go

Hannah x 

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